Time Flies
Inspired by wooden and fabric constructions found in old airplanes I have created a small collection of furniture including a desk and a clothes hanger. The pieces give the user an option of leaving the content exposed or hiding it away, or creating a closed space within a room.

There is a story behind everything, that is what makes life interesting. In my final thesis project (MFA in industrial design) the aim was to use such stories as an inspiration in order to create several pieces of furniture.

In order to learn more about construction and processes involved I was determined to make the prototypes on my own. The materials used were european ash, cotton fabric and brass.

Inspired by my grandfather’s stories about his time as an airplane mechanic I developed a concept where a wooden frame and a fabric cover create a lightweight and semi translucent enclosure.

The final result is a clothes hanger where one can store the items you have worn but not yet want to put in the laundry. Hide the clothes away, protecting them from dust and eyes of visitors or leave the drapes open to display your favorite items.

With the desk I have created a possibility to create an enclosed space within a room. When working, one can get a quiet corner and after there is the option of hiding the mess on your desk away. Out of sight, out of mind so to speak.

Some people see airplanes, other a stage or a window. My hope is that I have created objects that will communicate something to the observer, whatever that might be. If you see anything more than just another desk, I have succeeded.